Race Earth – Best Blockchain Game

Race Earth – Best Blockchain Game

Race Earth . Car racing game will be played in the “earth” section, in the lands which have a “racetrack”. The other attributes lands have will also be used in the game. All earth features such as “car tuning” and “car mechanic” will be displayed for each land and will be used actively in the game. The operation of the races will be completely decided by the users, and all the features will be organized by the land owners. They will be able to organize events on their own lands whenever they want, and by organizing races, they

will be able to make profits for both themselves and the racers. Regularly, team will do some big events with big prizes too. Landowners will make the race planning and will receive fees from the racers on the race day and will distribute the event prize. Land owners and car owners in the game will be able to watch the races. In this way, they will be in a more exciting and active world. Landowners will decide to distribution of the fee pool they gathered as race fee. Rules will be decided before the race and landowners can reward just the winner or the first 3 people. All token transactions will be on completely secure smart contracts created and tested by the team. No user or organization won’t be able to do anything illegal. There will be 2 stages for the racing game. As the 1st step, some users will be able to use all the features as beta version and we will be watching the system for any problems during the testing phase. In the 2nd step, all users will be able to play the game.

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Race Earth – Best Blockchain Game

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