Loki – Best Blockchain Game

Loki – Best Blockchain Game

On a mission to make deep, 10,000-hour games that are just better when played with friends. Playtesting now!

We think there’s a serious drought of fresh, competitive, team-based games. In an endless sea of sequels and seasonal updates, it’s rare to play something new and unique that wrinkles your brain and gets your squad hyped to run it back. That’s our vision for our first game, codenamed ‘Loki’.

Crisp, mechanically satisfying combat. Unique team comps and chaotic multi-squad fights. Deep strategy and theorycrafting. Late night adventures with the crew. That’s what Loki has become.

We’re not here to chase novelty for the sake of it, but we do know there’s hunger for new vibes.

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Loki – Best Blockchain Game

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