Islandpunk – Best Blockchain Game

Islandpunk – Best Blockchain Game

Islandpunk . There are in-game systems of monsters with different rarity levels, each monster has a different damage statistic based on its type and rarity level. Players need to set up an army of monsters, whose total damage meets the required amount to invade the desired island. There are 5 sets of islands with various levels and each level requires a specific amount of total damage that your monster army must fulfill. Once you have set up a qualified team of monsters, you can start attacking the island and claim daily rewards from that island. Rewards will increase gradually as the island’s level increases. In addition, PVP, ranked battles, weekly ranked rewards and more killer features await

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Islandpunk – Best Blockchain Game

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Komoverse- Best Play To Earn Game

Komoverse is a PvP (Player versus Player) strategy turn based auto-battle game in which players strategize their character’s moves on a chessboard according to its attributes based on randomly-selected cards that are given to them. Players will then receive XP

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