GeocachinGO – Best Play To Earn Game

GeocachinGO – Best Play To Earn Game

This is a pioneer augmented reality app that seamlessly combines the exhilaration of discovery with the fulfilling experience of environmental response

Imagine a world where you could explore your surroundings and uncover treasures while fighting climate change. With GeocachinGo, that dream is now a reality! GeocachinGo is the first augmented reality scavenger hunt app with built-in Game-Fi and Social-Fi models.

Based on the outdoor leisure activity of treasure hunting, GeocachinGo allows players to explore nature and find virtual & physical geocaches, also known as “treasures”. In addition to in-game currency, players can earn various rewards for their finds. With Game-Fi, GeocachinGo aims to empower society to live healthier and happier lives, fight climate change and connect the public to Web 3.0.

Explorers can monetize their outdooring time by exploring on a real world map using their wishbone NFT and find geocaches, in which various items can be claimed and then selling those items on our upcoming in-game NFT marketplace. Almost all assets in the game, including the wishbones, Runes & enchantments, can be minted as an NFT and resold on the marketplace.

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GeocachinGO – Best Play To Earn Game

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