Aiternate- Best Play To Earn Game

Aiternate- Best Play To Earn Game

Aiternate is a Solana NFT project aiming to provide a complete contemplative and interactive experience.

In order to do that, we released a first collection composed of 555 NFTs called “entities”. These entities are part of our collection: The Big Discovery. Once you acquire an entity, you can interact with it through our “Enter the Bridge” interface directly on this website. Each entity is located in one of the twelve sectors composing our world.

This first collection allowed us to create the foundation of what we aim to build and we are now fully focused on Aurora, our Unreal Engine metaverse experience.

To enter Aurora, you need to own an Aiternate – Holotabs, our second collection minted on March 10th. For more details on Aurora, please read the Medium articles just below

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Aiternate- Best Play To Earn Game

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